I’m Dmitri Geller, a software developer in Odessa/Ukraine responsible for just about everything on this site (including bugs).

I’ve been developing software for the last two decades. I started in mid-90s in Odessa with Borland C++ 3.1 (yes, the pre-internet era, MS-DOS with the 640kb limitation and all the “fun” related to it). After this I worked in R&D of LHS in Frankfurt, developing a billing system for Telco operators in Java. I spent multiple years consulting the Telco operators running this billing system and after that returned to Odessa. After returning to Odessa I’ve working as a team lead and architect for US startups having development centers in Odessa (see opower.com, slice.com).

Odessa is my home and a really nice city. But the most interesting software projects are coming from the valley (you know which valley I’m talking about, right?) and from similar places. I decided to find a remote job, and started to research.

And I found 35 (remote) job boards and 9 aggregators . This is great. And still, no job board or aggregator distinguishing between the “true remote, work from wherever you want” and the “you can work remotely once a week” jobs. And, the Javascript, Java and, let say, Python jobs should be in different categories/sections, right? It seems, nobody cares.

So I made this site. The jobs containing “work from wherever you want” or the similar are tagged as “100% remote”. The jobs with “you can work remotely once a week” or “may consider remote for a highly qualified candidate” are tagged with “50% remote”. The Javascript, Java and, Python jobs go into different categories under “Developer jobs” - so you can just browse the category you need. Additionally, there are a few more things like tags for time zones (and work authorization, still under #TODO).

Enjoy (or loathe) it.


I am very grateful to the authors of Apache Lucene - they created a great instrument. A significant part of web crawling code is written by Sergei Poznanski - without his support this project would not cover so many job boards. Logo and images by Aleksei Derin.