Why another job aggregator ?

There are 9 (or even more) existing remote job aggregators, why create another one ?
22 April 2018   Under FAQ

Job ads are posted on multiple job boards. Very often the job boards set the checkbox “Remote” on jobs without really checking the content. Some jobs clearly indicate it: “work from whenever you want”. But other jobs contain phrases like “remotely on Friday” or “occasional remote working” - which indicates an onsite job.

The author found no site capable to do both the aggregation and the correct classification “remote vs onsite job”. Additionally, the per-technology-stack job classification of existing job boards/aggregators is far from optimal (all the Javascript, Java and, let say, Python jobs are in one huge list: have fun searching it).

Therefore this site was built. It distinguishes between the “100% remote” and the “50% remote” jobs. And it categorizes tech jobs by position and technology stack. Additionally, it tags the job ads with the time zone and work authorization tags.