Address parsing and Gazetteer4j

18 July 2018   Under Blog

I’m developing a new functionality: all jobs having office/company address somewhere in job ad text will be shown on remote4me with the address straight in the job title.

The idea is to convert all the ambiguous addresses to the <city>,[state,]<country> format.

A few examples of address resolving:

Ambiguous            Address in proper              Comment
address format                   
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA, USA not the Santa Cruz in Spain/Chile/Bolivia
Paris Paris, France not Paris in Texas
NYC New York City, NY, USA  
Odessa Odessa, Ukraine not Odessa in Texas
Odessa, USA Odessa, TX, USA  


The key element of this feature is the Java library i’m building: Gazetteer4j

By the way, it would be great if maintainers of Open Source Project Repository Hosting at would approve the “Group Id” for this library. The group id is: com.remote4me